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About Us

We make it easy for cyrptocurrency ethusiasts to benefit financially from their interest in the booming economy by using technology backed up with artificial intelligence to continuously expose them and place them in the fore front of all opportunities that exist in the crypto economy; and in no time drive them to their financial goal.

  • We’re a diverse, close-knit team on an adventure to build something enduring, while learning something new, every day.
  • We’re a deeply mission-driven company, and these are the core ideas we return to when we make decisions.

As makers and business owners ourselves, we’re inspired by a vision of millions of exceptional businesses across the continent who’re profitable, envied, and loved. We believe that in our lifetimes, cryptocurrency will routinely go toe to toe with the best economies on the planet, and win. Building that world gives us purpose, every day.

Our Values

  • 01 Choose Transparency

    Share your work often. Openly seek critique. Have the difficult, honest conversation as soon as possible. Get it off your chest

  • Simplify - refine ideas until they’re easy to explain. Say exactly what you mean. Take care to confirm that you’ve been understood

  • See every situation as a learning opportunity. Experiment and make new mistakes. Strive to get a little better at something, every day

  • Find the joy in everything :). This thing is bigger than all of us. Celebrate the wins, and cherish both the lessons, and the people we’ll meet along the way. Be brave. Banish fear. Have fun. ❤️


Our core competences

100% Returns on Investment 100%
24/7 Customer Support 100%
Technology Driven 100%
Customer Satisfaction 100%